About The Farber's

In 2008, Scott Farber convinced his wife Kelli that it was time to get out of the city and move out to the family farm 2 miles south of Rose Hill, Kansas. They built their dream home that year and shortly after came a horse for their daughter Hannah and a 4 wheeler for their son Austin.

Scott grew up on the family farm and spent countless hours as a boy riding in the tractor and combine with his dad and bottle feeding baby Holstein bull calves bought from the local dairy. As ya’ll know, you grow up fast on the farm and at the ripe old age of 10, Scott started driving the tractor, disking up the wheat stubble as his dad cut wheat, much to his mother’s dismay!

As a young boy, Scott always had an affinity with the old west. Louis L’amour was his favorite author, Crossfire Trail one of his favorite movies and Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott were favorite actors. As many of the “start-up” projects at the new home were completed in the back of Scott’s mind was the big project yet to come! He had told his family when they moved to the farm that someday he was going to get in the cattle business and not just any cattle, Texas Longhorns. They quickly dismissed this as another one of dads “dreams” and his daughter even added, “Dad, we support the Wichita State Shockers, not the Texas Longhorns!”. Over the next 6 years, Scott never forgot his “dream” as he continued getting the farm cattle ready.

In late 2013 Scott began getting more serious about launching his cattle ranching career and his daughter ask him one day, “Dad, why do you want Texas Longhorns?” and he replied, “Honey, I just really think it would be awesome to drive home each day and see some beautiful, long horned cattle laying out in the pasture with colorful, baby calves running around. Don’t you agree?”

As Scott shared his “dream” with a friend one day, she mentioned that she went to school with a guy that raised Texas Longhorns and I should give him a call. That friend was Mike Bowman and the rest is history!

On June 1st, 2014, Crossfire Longhorns was officially established with the purchase of 3 hand-picked heifer calves from the End of Trail Ranch.  It has been an exciting and rewarding journey learning about the history of the Texas Longhorns, Artificial Insemination (AI), top blood lines, making new acquaintances and watching the small herd of 3 grow to 17 over the past 2 years. If the Farber family could do one thing different at this stage it would have been moving to the farm 15 years sooner and raising Texas Longhorns from the start! The whole family has become involved with the care and raising of these incredible cattle and anxiously await the arrival of the next baby calf. The main question Scott gets from his daughter these days is, “Did we have another bull calf Dad, or is it a heifer?”

If you’re in town next year for the Midwest Longhorn Auction, please feel free to stop by. We enjoy making new friends and talking about Longhorns!